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"Our work involves a variety of fields that are focused on create awareness of Peruvian Culture and Identity."

  • Hand Made Textiles and seasonal products:
  • WTS is committed to support small workshops and create jobs in marginal urban communities of extreme poverty. By training artisans to produce quality handcrafts, the organization offers the community a foothold in the global marketplace, helping to create greater income-generating opportunities for local women. Our products are unique as are a combination of traditional Andean handicrafts and moderns designs.

  • Pottery - Chulucanas:
  • Pottery is one of the most widespread activities in Peru. Ancient pre-Hispanic techniques used by the Vicus, Recuay and Pashash cultures such as "Colombine" and "Negatives", obtained by cutting off the oxygen flow to the oven, are still used today in Chulucanas (Piura). Chulucanas ware differs in its excellent finish and in its tones of color that are generally lighter than in other types of pottery. Also, due to the nature of these handicrafts, production is limited and exclusive.

  • Poterry - Stoneware and Porcelain:
  • We specialize in high temperature stoneware and porcelain pottery; they are not toxic , health safe and come in a variety of colors and artistic effects. All the pieces are 100% handmade , we have a great assortment of decorative and utilitarian pieces that have exclusive desings.

  • Throws - Industrial and pedal loom:
  • Falta

qode interactive strata
qode interactive strata
qode interactive strata